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How to read Piano tabs

 This article help you understand how to read the piano tab. Here is the simple example - the well-known christmas song "Jingle bells" :





  • The line with number (or lines - depend from the song) indicates the melody of song, and the line marked by  symbol "b" indicates the rhythm (beats) of the composition

 • The symbol "|" indicates a bar line. "Jingle Bells" has 4 beats in every bar.

 • The first line begins from the number that indicates in which octave this song is playing. "Jingle Bells" is playing in the 2nd octave in this example.

 • The letters indicate which notes you need to play. All the white keys are denoted by letters in small case. If the letter is in capital, it means you play the sharpened note. All the black keys need to be denoted as sharps - no flats!