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Splendid Isolation by Zevon Warren chord

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Band nameZevon Warren »
Song nameSplendid Isolation »
Tab typeChords »
Size2.03 Kb
File formattxt

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From: Ken Key 

Splendid Isolation - Warren Zevon

words and chords typed by Ken Key  (

The basic picking shape is 6-5-3-4, modified for the various


Em      C         G           D
I wanna live all alone in the desert

Em      C       G           D
I wanna be like Georgia O'Keefe

Em      C            G         D
I wanna live on the Upper East Side

Em            C          G           D
And never go down to the street


Em          G
Splendid Isolation

D               Em
I don't need no one

Em          G       D Dsus D
Splendid Isolation    


Em      C          G     D
Micheal Jackson in Disneyland

Em            C             G      D
Don't need to share it with nobody else

Em       C            G       D
Lock the gates, Goofy take my hand

Em            C       G        D
And lead me into this world of Self


Em          G
Splendid Isolation

D               Em
I don't need no one

Em          G       D Dsus D
Splendid Isolation    


C             G               D        C
Don't want to wake up with no body beside me

C             G            D      C
Don't want to take up with no one new

C            G           D          C
Don't want nobody coming by without calling first

C          G          D       C
Don't want nothin' to do with you


Em          C        G          D
I'm putting tin-foil up on the windows 

Em         C           G       D
I'm laying down in the dark to dream

Em      C       G         D
I don't want to see their faces

Em      C       G          D
I don't want to hear their screams


Em          G
Splendid Isolation

D               Em
I don't need no one

Em          G       D Dsus D
Splendid Isolation

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